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Table 1 List of proteins isolated from gel and putatively identified. Full names of the traits are listed in the Additional file 1: Table S1

From: Genetical genomics of quality related traits in potato tubers using proteomics

Protein Nr. Est Protein name Traits associated with the proteins or pQTLs from the proteins in the first column
39 NA 5-lipoxygenase [Solanum tuberosum] Multiple pQTL 2003
62 NA methionine synthase [Solanum tuberosum] Enz. Discol5min
64 NA NA Flesh Colour
128 gi:58,217,733 gi|108,709,562|gb|ABF97357.1| Lysyl-tRNA synthetase, putative, expressed [Oryza sativa Japonica] Multiple pQTL 2002
129 NA RecName: Full = Transketolase, chloroplastic; Short = TK; Flags: Precursor Starch_Phos03
175 gi|10,808,429 gi|8,250,622|emb|CAB93680.1| plastidic phosphoglucomutase [Solanum tuberosum] Enz. Discol5min
186 NA NA Multiple pQTL 2002
180 NA NA DSCdH03
200 NA aminoaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 [Solanum lycopersicum] Enz. Discol5min
196 NA NA Enz. Discol5min
193 NA importin alpha, putative [Ricinus communis] Multiple pQTL 2002
237 NA chaperonin-60 beta subunit [Solanum tuberosum] Enz. Discol5min
218 NA NA Flesh Colour
280 gi|14,644,452 gi|4,704,766|gb|AAD28260.1|AF131223_1 protein disulfide isomerase homolog [Datisca glomerata] Enz. Discol5min
296 NA vacuolar H + -ATPase B subunit [Nicotiana tabacum] Top pQTL 2003
339 NA ATP synthase F1 subunit 1 [Nicotiana tabacum] Enz. Discol5min
372 NA beta tubulin [Capsicum annuum] Multiple pQTL 2002
379 NA ATP synthase beta chain [Zea mays] Starch.grT.2002
411 NA NA Enz. Discol5min
964 NA catalase isozyme 1-like protein [Solanum tuberosum] Multiple pQTL 2002
1021 gi|53,697,586 gi|161,702,915|gb|ABX76298.1| sexual organ expressed protein [Nicotiana alata] Flesh Colour