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Fig. 4

From: Ethephon induced oxidative stress in the olive leaf abscission zone enables development of a selective abscission compound

Fig. 4

Differentially expressed contigs in the three different AZs 7 days after ethephon treatment. Venn diagrams of upregulated (a) and downregulated (b) contigs in response to ethephon treatment are presented. The number of contigs significantly regulated in each of the AZs is indicated inside the circles. Significant GO enriched biological processes are presented for the common contigs regulated in all three AZs (black), for contigs specifically regulated in the LAZ (green), and for contigs specifically regulated in the FAZ2 and FAZ3 (pink). Among the 109 common contigs upregulated in the FAZ2 and FAZ3, none of the GOs was significantly enriched

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