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Table 2 Top-25 upregulated genes in pollen of LA1777 vs. LA0407

From: Transcriptomic analysis links gene expression to unilateral pollen-pistil reproductive barriers

Gene p value Mean expression Fold change Annotation
Sopen12g014190.1 9.3E-05 26.2 2922.0 [HP] Putative GPI-anchored AGP
Sopen01g010170.1 4.1E-04 3.7 1138.1 Hypothetical protein
Sopen12g018710.1 1.1E-05 2.7 598.0 KH Domain RNA-Binding Protein
Sopen06g022970.1 7.5E-05 2.7 591.3 Isoflavone-7-O-Methyltransferase 9; flavonol biosynthesis
Sopen05g003280.1 3.0E-04 5.2 397.0 F-box Protein CPR1/30; negative regulator of defense response
Sopen09g012310.1 7.7E-04 1.9 318.1 Ribonuclease H-like superfamily protein; possible non-LTR retrotransposon family (LINE)
Sopen10g022570.1 2.7E-05 1.9 287.3 Hypothetical protein
Sopen08g010210.1 7.1E-04 1.8 277.0 [HP] Possible retroelement
Sopen01g033860.1 2.2E-04 1.5 198.4 RabA4 subfamily of Rab GTPases; promotes tip growth of pollen tubes
Sopen01g032940.1 3.6E-04 1.5 189.8 Aspartyl Protease family protein, CDR1-like
Sopen12g018720.1 2.0E-04 1.4 168.0 Hypothetical protein
Sopen12g022970.1 6.9E-04 1.3 154.6 F-box/RNI superfamily; plant-specific FBD domain
Sopen08g010180.1 6.2E-04 1.2 130.0 Hypothetical protein
Sopen03g005740.1 1.5E-04 1.1 105.8 Acyl Activating Enzyme, benzoate-CoA ligase
Sopen03g020850.1 5.5E-04 1.1 98.6 Possible transcription factor; VND-interacting 1, NAC domain
Sopen12g027860.1 5.6E-04 1.0 86.2 [HP] possible non-coding RNA
Sopen05g018880.1 1.6E-04 1.5 84.7 Hypothetical protein
Sopen10g022630.1 7.8E-04 0.9 74.6 [HP] Non-coding RNA
Sopen10g023190.1 2.1E-04 0.9 71.5 [HP] Possible LTR retrotransposon
Sopen06g021510.1 5.4E-05 0.9 71.4 Zeatin O-Glucosyltransferase-like
Sopen12g006170.1 4.6E-06 9.5 70.0 Basic Leucine Zipper 34-like, transcription factor
Sopen03g007850.1 1.7E-04 0.8 57.8 Tetratricopeptide Repeat (TPR)-like superfamily protein; pre-mRNA splicing factor SYF1
Sopen10g028190.1 3.2E-04 1.1 52.6 Wall-associated Receptor Kinase (WAK2-like), Ca2+ binding, cell wall expansion
Sopen02g013470.1 6.6E-04 1.1 50.4 Cysteine-rich RLK
Sopen10g022640.1 5.4E-04 0.8 48.8 [HP] Non-LTR retrotransposon family (LINE)
  1. Gene annotation from Spenn_v2.0 was enhanced, when possible, for genes noted as hypothetical proteins (marked as [HP])