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Table 1 Top-25 upregulated genes in styles of LA1777 vs. LA0407

From: Transcriptomic analysis links gene expression to unilateral pollen-pistil reproductive barriers

Gene p value Mean expression Fold change Annotation
Sopen12g017530.1 1.9E-20 3.8 1451.4 [HP] Hypothetical protein; Contains DUF pfam0403, heavy metal-associated
Sopen02g037430.1 4.1E-17 4.2 163.8 Cytochrome P450; family 81, subfamily D
Sopen05g032070.1 3.8E-14 9.2 154.9 Chalcone Synthase 2; flavonoid biosynthesis
Sopen06g021780.1 5.1E-13 3.9 116.2 Cytochrome P450; family 71, subfamily B
Sopen01g011020.1 4.0E-21 75.9 108.4 Hypothetical protein
Sopen12g006330.1 8.4E-15 22.2 58.6 2-Alkenal Reductase; involved in response to oxidative stress
Sopen08g021280.1 3.4E-11 8.4 51.8 Chlorophyll a-b Binding Protein 3C
Sopen12g026980.1 5.7E-14 4.0 36.6 Glutathione S-Transferase; involved in stress response
Sopen05g003640.1 2.8E-19 4.3 35.6 NAD(P)H Dehydrogenase subunit; in chloroplast, PsbQ-like 2
Sopen09g003470.1 6.1E-06 10.3 32.1 Threonine Dehydratase; isoleucine biosynthesis, plastid
Sopen04g002110.1 4.9E-12 5.2 29.6 Programmed Cell Death 6-Interacting Protein; endosomal
Sopen05g001950.1 2.6E-17 4.3 28.7 Major facilitator superfamily; oligopeptide transport protein
Sopen07g028940.1 4.8E-11 4.5 26.7 Cytochrome P450; family 72, subfamily A
Sopen02g033850.1 1.7E-10 10.6 22.0 [HP] Hypothetical protein; 80% identity to Solanum chacoense RALF-like5
Sopen02g027710.1 6.0E-09 182.2 20.2 Acidic Endochitinase; involved in defense response
Sopen02g022730.1 2.5E-11 5.4 19.6 Dormancy-associated auxin-repressed small protein
Sopen02g021850.1 2.2E-11 3.4 18.9 Transcription factor; bHLH30-like DNA binding superfamily
Sopen12g021490.1 7.0E-18 10.2 17.4 NAD(P)-linked Oxidoreductase superfamily protein; involved in stress response
Sopen10g025030.1 3.1E-09 4.9 14.9 Dirigent-protein like 22; involved in defense response
Sopen11g004500.1 2.8E-08 3.8 14.4 Beta Glucosidase 42 (BGLU42)
Sopen12g006340.1 6.6E-11 5.2 14.4 Transferase, HXXXD-type acyl-transferase family protein
Sopen01g047950.1 1.6E-04 17.7 14.0 ABC Transporter G family member 11-like; cutin or wax export, stress response
Sopen10g001450.1 8.8E-18 3.2 13.4 Hypothetical protein, chloroplast
Sopen03g029620.1 1.0E-04 6.8 12.8 Kunitz family trypsin and protease inhibitor (similar to Miraculin)
Sopen05g030780.1 3.7E-12 18.8 12.8 Chalcone-Flavanone Isomerase family protein
  1. Gene annotation from Spenn_v2.0 was enhanced, when possible, for genes noted as hypothetical proteins (marked as [HP])