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Table 5 DEGs between LE and JG apricot that involved in secondary wall biosynthesis

From: Comparative transcriptome profiling and morphology provide insights into endocarp cleaving of apricot cultivar (Prunus armeniaca L.)

  Fold change (log2 JG/LE)  
Unigene ID LE1 VS JG1 LE2 VS JG2 Annotation
c33854.c0 −0.30 −0.33 Agamous–like MADS–box protein AGL11 [A. thaliana]
c37786.c0 0.49 0.27 Agamous–like MADS–box protein AGL1 [A. thaliana]
c31419.c1 0.37 0.51 Agamous–like MADS–box protein AGL8 [A. thaliana]
c32638.c0 1.30 −0.01 BEL1–like homeodomain protein 9 [A. thaliana]
c10986.c0 −1.93 −1.32 NAC domain–containing protein 43 [A. thaliana]
c23553.c0 −1.69 −0.07 NAC domain–containing protein 7 [A. thaliana]
c45336.c0 −3.56 −3.62 Gibberellin 3–beta–dioxygenase 1 [P. sativum]
c34462.c0 –0.03 1.27 Transcription factor MYB46 [A. thaliana]
c36170.c1 –0.55 0.29 Transcription factor MYB46 [A. thaliana]
c37609.c0 1.98 1.99 Transcription factor MYB32 [P. mume]