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Fig. 7

From: An integrated RNAseq-1H NMR metabolomics approach to understand soybean primary metabolism regulation in response to Rhizoctonia foliar blight disease

Fig. 7

O2PLS integration of soybean metabolites and transcripts in response to R. solani AG1-IA. O2PLS integration performance overview plot (a), joint score plot (b) and loadings plot (c) of metabolites and transcripts involved in primary metabolism. All 12,926 transcripts were used for model development and validation (Q2). The top 241 transcripts from primary metabolism based on O2PLS variable importance >2 were chosen for correlations between 1H NMR and RNAseq integration for better visualization of trends between the two datasets (c). a Overview of cumulative predictive and orthogonal variation explained by the first two variables for the transcripts (R2X(cum)) and metabolites (R2Y(cum)), and the predictive power of the model (Q2 (cum)). b Joint score plot of the transcript scores (t). c Joint loadings plot from the transcript (p) and metabolite (q) loadings blocks of the top 241 transcripts and all metabolites. Transcripts (triangles) and metabolites (squares) represent individual transcript and metabolite loading values (Additional file 8: Table S7 and Additional file 9: Table S9). Variables located to the left of the y-axis represent transcripts and metabolites that decreased, while those on the right increased, compared to controls in response to R. solani disease progression. Metabolite abbreviations: Asn, asparagine; EtOH, ethanol; Fruc, fructose; GABA, γ-aminobutyrate; Gln, glutamine; Gluc, glucose; Phe, phenylalanine; Ser, serine; Suc, succinate; Sucr, sucrose; Thr, threonine; Tyr, tyrosine. Transcript abbreviations: AGP, alpha-glucanphosphorylase; BFF, beta-fructofuranosidase; ChlA/B, chlorophyll A/B binding protein; PER, peroxidase; PR4, pathogenesis-related protein 4; THI, thiamine biosynthesis

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