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Fig. 5

From: OsACOS12, an orthologue of Arabidopsis acyl-CoA synthetase5, plays an important role in pollen exine formation and anther development in rice

Fig. 5

OsACOS12 is specifically expressed in the anther. a RT-PCR analysis of RNA isolated from various tissues using OsACOS12 and OsACTIN primer sets. Le, lemma; Pa, palea; L2.5, Glumes length 2.5 mm; L3.0, Glumes length 3.0 mm; L3.5, Glumes length 3.5 mm; L4.0, Glumes length 4.0 mm; L5.6, Glumes length 5.6 mm. b Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of OsACOS12. The OsACTIN gene served as the reference. Data are shown as the mean ± SD (n = 3). c-j In situ hybridization of OsACOS12 in WT anthers. The anthers at the MMC stage (c), early meiosis stage (d), tetrad stage (e and f), microspore release stage (g), and microspore vacuolate stage (h) hybridized with an OsACOS12 antisense probe. The anthers at the tetrad stage (i-j) hybridized with an OsACOS12 sense probe. Msp, microspore; T, tapetum; Tds, tetrads. MMC, microspore mother cell; MC, meiotic cell; Dy, dyad cell. Bars = 50 μm. k-p Fluorescence confocal images of the OsACOS12-GFP fusion proteins at different stages. The green channel shows the GFP expression (530 nm), and the red channel shows the chlorophyll autofluorescence (>560 nm). The bright-field images of (p) show that these fusion proteins are not localized to the microspores. Bars = 10 μm; 100 μm

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