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Table 4 21 DEGs with InDels prone to cause loss of function or codon change

From: Comparative transcriptome profiling of the fertile and sterile flower buds of a dominant genic male sterile line in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Gene ID InDelaLOF Codon-change log2(S/F) Annotation
Allele from sterile buds
SIN_1025190 c.1151_1151 + 1insCGa p.Gly385fs 10.09 SCP18_ARATH Serine carboxypeptidase-like 18
SIN_1017245 c.435dupAa p.Leu146fs 3.51 F3PH_ARATH Flavonoid 3’-monooxygenase
SIN_1018350 c.889_890insTa p.Thr297fs 1.39 IPT_HUMLU Adenylate isopentenyltransferase
SIN_1013325 c.507_507 + 1insTTTGAAGATa 1.28 AB22G_ARATH ABC transporter G family
SIN_1022131 c.465 + 1_465 + 2insAa   1.54 DHI1L_XENTR Hydroxysteroid 11-beta-dehydrogenase 1
SIN_1007649 c.886-2_886-1insTa   1.47 BGAL_MALDO Beta-galactosidase
SIN_1001108 c.934-2_934-1insCCa   4.33 E13B_WHEAT Glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase
SIN_1010915 c.855dupT p.Pro286fs 4.20 R1B14_SOLDE late blight resistance protein
SIN_1025700 c.318_319insCTGGAA p.V106_A107insLE −1.00 SCL32_ARATH Scarecrow-like protein 32
SIN_1005818 c.597_599delAAG p.Arg200del −1.49 HMGB9_ARATH High mobility group B protein 9
Allele from fertile buds
SIN_1005818 c.394 + 2delTa   −1.49 HMGB9_ARATH High mobility group B protein 9
SIN_1004626 c.1008delGa p.Gln336fs −1.63 Y9955_DICDI serine/threonine-protein kinase
SIN_1008339 c.698 + 1delGa   −1.21 MARH1_MOUSE E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase
SIN_1026641 c.750-2delAa   −1.25 PGLR2_PLAAC Exopolygalacturonase (Fragment)
SIN_1014879 c.1048-2_1048-1insAa   −2.01 Y5713_ARATH PI-PLC X domain-containing protein
SIN_1021763 c.1005_1006delCA p.His335fs −1.56 FIP1X_SCHPO Pre-mRNA polyadenylation factor fip1
SIN_1022317 c.712_713dupGT p.Trp240fs −1.59 PP323_ARATH Pentatricopeptide repeat protein
SIN_1009152 c.1653_1654insC p.Ser552fs −1.08 Y5241_ARATH Probable receptor-like protein kinase
SIN_1004703 c.74delC p.Ala25fs 1.30 AMERL_ARATH AMMECR1 domain protein
SIN_1019529 c.18_20dupAGG p.Gly7dup 1.54 DUF3774 Wound-induced protein
  1. a means InDel may cause Loss of function (LOF), as predicted by SnpEff. See Additional file 7: Table S8 for full information