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Table 4 Phylogenetic relationships of candidate genes involved in heading

From: Markers associated with heading and aftermath heading in perennial ryegrass full-sib families

Query candidate Species Protein near query Position on Zipper Genetic position on Zipper Phylogenetic tree
TFL1 Arabidopsis ms_821 |ref0016245 LG2-79.8cM LG5-27.5cM Figure 9
FT Arabidopsis ms_13332 |ref0029013 LG7-43.6cM LG7-57.3cM Figure 9
CRY2 Arabidopsis ms_4185 |ref0010917 LG6-52.5cM LG6-52.5cM Additional file 7
GI Arabidopsis ms_1276 |ref0038679 LG3-29.6cM NA Additional file 11
PHYA Arabidopsis ms_13514 |ref0035067 LG4-38.5cM LG4-38.5cM Additional file 6
PHYB Arabidopsis ms_4484 |ref0039062 LG4-51.0cM LG4-51.0cM Additional file 6
PHYC Arabidopsis ms_2801 |ref0025790 LG4-98.2cM LG4-98.2cM Additional file 6
PRR37 Rice ms_13366 |ref0021945 LG2-12.4cM NA Additional file 8
SOC1 Arabidopsis ms_6002 |ref0025562 LG6-0cM NA Additional file 9
VRN1 Barley ms_312 |ref0002704 LG4-31.4cM LG4-31.4Cm Additional file 12
CO Rice ms_5059 |ref001989 LG7-43.5cM LG7-42.7cM Additional file 10