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Fig. 4

From: B chromosome contains active genes and impacts the transcription of A chromosomes in maize (Zea mays L.)

Fig. 4

Alignment of 3 B chromosome located sequences. (a) Alignment of the assembled sequence comp75688_c6_seq20, the 1900 bp fragment of comp75688, and the full-length comp75688 from B73 + B and Starter + B. Sequence in black box was the newly discovered B-specific sequence. (b) Alignment between the de novo assembled sequence and 1.6 kb B-located sequence. (c) Comparison of the assembled comp30393_c0_seq1, the B-located sequences comp30393_Starter_B and comp30393_B73_B, and the transcribed sequence; these four sequences showed 100 % identity to one another but were significantly different from their A-genome homologues. Arrowheads indicate the SNPs between sequences

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