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Table 5 Positions of the selected genes based on the barley Morex-contigs and their mode of action

From: Expression profiling of genes involved in drought stress and leaf senescence in juvenile barley

  Gene POPSEQb,c Chr.b cMb Identity in %c eQTLd
Drought stress genes A1 morex_contig_38178 5H 156.9 76 cis
GAD3 morex_contig_790741 1H 42.0 81 cis
GAD3 morex_contig_135241 3H 147.0 75 cis
P5CS2 morex_contig_2549060 3H 30.2 76 trans
Leaf senescence genes Contig7437 morex_contig_47765 4H 54.3 94 trans
GSII morex_contig_274546 7H 70.8 92 trans
hv_36467 morex_contig_138818 1H 132.4 91 trans
hv_36467 morex_contig_458133 2H 58.0 81 trans
pHvNF-Y5a morex_contig_244610 6H 76.0 100 trans
pHvNF-Y5a morex_contig_60611 7H 70.8 95 cis
Genes out of GWASa AVP1 morex_contig_80803 5H 44.1 75 trans
ETFQO morex_contig_6218 3H 51.8 95 cis
ETFQO morex_contig_1570014 5H 152.4 100 cis
TRIUR3 morex_contig_81592 5H 42.0 88 cis
TRIUR3 morex_contig_160473 5H 129.9 71 cis
  1. aGenes coding for proteins identified by BlastX of significant marker sequences out of a previous genome wide association study (GWAS) by Wehner et al. [20]
  2. bGene positions are based on POPSEQ map (ibsc 2012)
  3. cMorex contigs and identity comes out Blastn of the gene sequences against the Morex genome (ibsc 2012)
  4. d cis eQTL coincide with the location of the underlying gene (position <10 cM), whereas trans eQTL are located in other regions of the genome Druka et al. [11]