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Table 1 The characteristics of JmjC genes identified in rice

From: JMJ704 positively regulates rice defense response against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae infection via reducing H3K4me2/3 associated with negative disease resistance regulators

Gene Loc. No. Group Length (aa) Known histone substrate Function Reference
JMJ701 LOC_Os03g05680 JMJD2 1488 ND   
JMJ702 LOC_Os12g18150 JMJD2 1367 ND   
JMJ703 LOC_Os05g10770 FYRN_FYRC 1239 H3K4me Stem elongation transposon silencing [21, 22]
JMJ704 LOC_Os05g23670 FYRN_FYRC 972 ND   
JMJ705 LOC_Os01g67970 JMJD2 1287 H3K27 Disease resistance [23]
JMJ706 LOC_Os10g42690 JMJD2 859 H3K9 Floral development [18]
JMJ707 LOC_Os02g46930 JMJD2 808 ND   
JMJ708 LOC_Os06g51490 JARID 1417 ND   
JMJ709 LOC_Os01g36630 JmjC domain only 396 ND   
JMJ710 LOC_Os11g36450 JmjC domain only 522 ND   
JMJ711 LOC_Os03g27250 JmjC domain only 954 ND   
JMJ712 LOC_Os09g31380 JmjC domain only 399 ND   
JMJ713 LOC_Os01g56640 JmjC domain only 552 ND   
JMJ714 LOC_Os09g31050 JmjC domain only 360 ND   
JMJ715 LOC_Os03g31594 JHDM2 1057 ND   
JMJ716 LOC_Os03g22540 JHDM2 928 ND   
JMJ717 LOC_Os08g39810 JmjC domain only 377 ND   
JMJ718 LOC_Os09g22540 JHDM2 380 ND   
JMJ719 LOC_Os02g01940 JHDM2 998 ND   
JMJ720 LOC_Os02g58210 JHDM2 996 ND   
  1. ND not determined