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Fig. 3

From: Global analysis of uncapped mRNA changes under drought stress and microRNA-dependent endonucleolytic cleavages in foxtail millet

Fig. 3

a-f Examples of confidently identified miRNA-directed cleavage. The complementary patterns of miRNA sequences and partial sequences of the target mRNAs are shown in the upper part of the figure and the numbers from parallel analysis of RNA end tags corresponding to cleavage sites are indicated by vertical arrowheads. “D” and “R” represent coverage of parallel analysis of RNA end tags (D) and RNA-sequencing reads (R) on selected miRNA targets. The mapped tags in “D” with the frequency at the position between bases 10 and 11 (from the miRNA 5') of the inset miRNA target alignment are indicated by red vertical arrowheads. Full details of all confidently identified miRNA targets are shown in Additional file 6. The sequences used for this figure came from the control sample. The number of reads mapping to each gene is indicated at the upper right

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