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Table 3 Species newly sequenced for this study

From: Resolving deep relationships of PACMAD grasses: a phylogenomic approach

Species Subfamily Voucher GenBank Accession
Aristida purpurea Aristidoideae Saarela 605 (CAN) KJ920224
Centotheca lappacea Panicoideae Sanchez-Ken s.n. (ISC) KJ920225
Coleataenia prionitis Panicoideae Morrone 6195 (SI) KJ920228
Thysanolaena maxima Panicoideae Clark & Gallaher 1717 (ISC) KJ920236
Elytrophorus spicatus Arundinoideae Saarela 1685 (CAN) KJ920230
Monachather paradoxus Arundinoideae Saarela 1629 (CAN) KJ920235
Eriachne stipacea Micrairoideae Jacobs 8773 (NSW) KJ920231
Isachne distichophylla Micrairoideae Morden 1227 (HAW) KJ920233
Micraira spiciformis Micrairoideae Jacobs 8850 (NSW) KJ920234
Chaetobromus dregeanus Danthonioideae Barker 978 (PRE) KJ920226
Chionochloa macra Danthonioideae Buxton s.n. (CHR) KJ920227
Danthonia californica Danthonioideae Saarela 860 (CAN) KJ920229
Hakonechloa macra Arundinoideae Burke s.n. (DEK) KJ920232
  1. Subfamily, voucher information and Genbank accession are reported