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Table 3 Tajima’s relative rate test of CBL proteins

From: Genome-wide identification of Calcineurin B-Like (CBL) gene family of plants reveals novel conserved motifs and evolutionary aspects in calcium signaling events

Configuration Phylogenetically distance sequences
MdCBL3, CsCBL3, PerCBL3 MeCBL3, BrCBL2-2, PtCBL3 FvCBL10-1, BrCBL2-2, MgCBL5
Identical sites in all three sequences 210 194 60
Divergent sites in all three sequences 1 4 60
Unique differences in Sequence A 1 4 36
Unique differences in Sequence B 10 18 16
Unique differences in Sequence C 1 2 23
P-value 0.00666 0.00284 0.00555
X 2 -test 7.36 8.91 7.69
  1. Tajima’s relative rate test was carried out by randomly comparing three phylogenetically distant sequences of CBL proteins. The test was replicated for three times with one degree of freedom. In all the four cases, statistical result was found to be significant. The P-value less than 0.05 is often used to reject the null hypothesis of equal rates between lineages. Each analysis involved 3 amino acid sequences. All positions containing gaps and missing data were eliminated