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Table 2 Functional classification of the shared drought-adaptive DEGs across-species

From: Identification of conserved drought-adaptive genes using a cross-species meta-analysis approach

General category Main functional category Rice genes and their Arabidopsis orthologs as predicted by MapMan and BLAST2GO
Up-regulated Down-regulated
Regulatory functions
RNA regulation Transcription regulation loc_os02g02390 (AT1G12800, S1 RNA-binding domain-containing protein), loc_os06g35960 (AT3G24520, HSFC1), loc_os05g38820 (AT2G37060, nuclear factor yb2) loc_os12g42610 (AT2G26580, YAB5), loc_os03g08790 (AT1G09750, chloroplast nucleoid DNA-binding protein-related)
RNA binding, transcription loc_os03g17060 (AT2G37510, RNA-binding), loc_os03g44484 (AT4G21710, NRPB2), loc_os08g30820 (AT4G29820, CFIM-25)  
Signaling Calcium   loc_os02g03020, loc_os06g46950 (AT2G46600, calcium-binding protein), loc_os03g20370 (AT2G27030, CAM5)
Light loc_os03g10800 (AT2G14820, NPY2), loc_os07g08160 (AT3G22840, ELIP1)  
G-proteins and miscellaneous loc_os03g05280 (AT5G03530, RAB ALPHA), loc_os07g33850 (AT5G54840, SGP1),loc_os07g44410 (AT4G01870, tolB protein-related)  
Protein Degradation loc_os01g12660 (AT1G64110, DAA1), loc_os01g52110 (AT5G25560, zinc finger family protein), loc_os04g45470, loc_os02g43010 (AT1G62710, β-VPE), loc_os08g38700 (AT1G55760, BTB/POZ domain-containing protein), loc_os02g02320 (AT3G10410, scpl49), loc_os02g27030 (AT4G39090, RD19), loc_os05g44130 (AT1G78680, GGH2), loc_os06g21380 (AT3G57680, peptidase S41 family protein), loc_os11g26910 (AT5G42190, ASK2), loc_os02g13140 (AT4G29490, aminopeptidase), loc_os03g54130 (AT5G45890, SAG12), loc_os05g35110 (AT1G21410, SKP2A) loc_os12g24390 (AT3G54780, zinc finger family protein), loc_os06g03580 (AT3G63530, BB), loc_os02g48870 (AT5G10770, chloroplast nucleoid DNA-binding protein)
  Postranslational modification loc_os03g27280 (AT1G78290, SNRK2.8), loc_os01g40094 (AT1G17550, HAB2), loc_os01g64970 (AT1G10940 ,SNRK2.4), loc_os01g10890 (AT5G45820, CIPK20), loc_os01g35184 (AT4G24400, CIPK8), loc_os09g25090 (AT5G25110, CIPK25), loc_os12g02200 (AT5G07070, CIPK2), loc_os06g08280 (AT3G46920 ,protein kinase family protein) loc_os01g70130 (AT5G50860, protein kinase family protein), loc_os05g51420 (AT5G62740, HIR1)
Folding and targeting loc_os06g02380 (Chaperonin-60BETA2), loc_os12g02390 (AT3G52850, VSR1)  
Synthesis loc_os05g31020 (AT1G12920, ERF1-2), loc_os05g51500 (AT1G76810, elF-2 family protein)  
Chromatin structure Histone loc_os01g05630 (AT5G22880, H2B)  
Development LEA protein, unspecified loc_os06g23350 (AT3G22490, LEA protein), loc_os05g46480 (LEA3), loc_os03g21060 (AT1G69490, NAP), loc_os12g41680 (AT1G56010, NAC1), loc_os02g53320 (AT3G03270, USP family protein), loc_os04g43200 (AT2G33380, RD20), loc_os01g66120 (AT1G01720, ATAF1), loc_os03g26870 (AT1G78070, Transducin/WD40 repeat-like superfamily protein) loc_os12g32620 (AT1G10200, WLIM1), loc_os09g36600 (AT4G34950, nodulin family protein)
Hormone metabolism Abscisic acid loc_os02g52780 (AT3G19290, ABF4), loc_os03g57680 (AT5G20960, AAO1), loc_os05g49440 (AT1G05510)  
Gibberelic acid   loc_os06g15620 (AT1G74670, GASA6), loc_os03g42130 (AT3G19000, oxidoreductase)
Ethylene loc_os01g32780 (AT1G68300, USP family protein), loc_os12g36640 (AT2G47710, UPS family protein), loc_os01g51430 (AT2G26070, RTE1)  
Response to stimulus
Abiotic and biotic stress Heat, drought loc_os02g32520 (AT5G51070, ERD1), loc_os05g44340 (AT1G74310, HSP101), loc_os03g16030, loc_os01g04380 (AT5G59720, HSP18.2), loc_os03g11910 (AT2G32120, HSP70T-2), loc_os03g31300 (AT5G15450, APG6), loc_os05g38530 (AT3G12580, HSP70), loc_os11g47760 (AT5G02500,HSP70.1), loc_os11g26760 (dehydrin Rab16C) loc_os02g04120 (AT2G18250, COAD), loc_os04g33060 (AT1G32220,dehydratase family protein)
Signaling loc_os02g10350 (AT4G02600, MLO1)  
Unspecified and biotic stress loc_os06g40120 (AT5G20150, SPX1), loc_os03g18850 (PR1), loc_os11g10480 (AT1G77120, ADH1) loc_os08g35760 (AT5G20630, GLP3), loc_os04g38450 (AT4G39640 ,GGT1), loc_os01g28500 (AT2G14610, PR1)
Biodegradation of Xenobiotics   loc_os01g47690 (AT1G53580, GLX2-3), loc_os06g20200 (AT5G23530, CXE18)  
Localization & organization
Transport TIP/NIP   loc_os03g05290 (AT2G36830, TIP1;1), loc_os06g22960 (AT3G16240, TIP2;1), loc_os10g36924 (AT4G10380, NIP5;1), loc_os06g12310 (AT5G37820, NIP4;2)
Sugars loc_os02g17500 (AT1G67300, hexose transporter) loc_os07g39350, loc_os03g10090 (AT3G18830, ATPLT5), loc_os07g01560 (AT1G11260, STP1)
Amino acids loc_os02g54730 (AT2G41190, amino acid transporter family protein) loc_os07g04180 (AT5G49630, AAP6)
Nitrate   loc_os04g40410 (AT5G50200, NRT3.1)
Peptides and misc. loc_os05g32630 (AT3G05290, PNC1), loc_os08g06010 (AT3G47420, G3PP1), loc_os03g43720 (AT3G13050, NIAP), loc_os02g39930 (AT5G58070, ATTIL), loc_os04g36560 (chloride channel) loc_os10g22560 (AT2G02040, PTR2-B), loc_os04g57200 (metal ion transport)
Metal handling Metal binding loc_os04g17100 (AT5G66110, metal ion binding), loc_os04g32030 (AT5G50740, metal ion binding)  
Cell Organization loc_os07g37560 (AT1G50360, VIIIA) loc_os07g38730 (AT5G19780, TUA5)
Death loc_os03g05310 (AT3G44880, ACD1)  
Mitochondrial electron transport Electron transfer flavoprotein loc_os04g10400 (AT5G43430, ETFBETA), loc_os03g61920 (AT1G50940 ETFALPHA)  
Cytochrome c reductase loc_os02g33730 (AT1G15120, ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase complex 7.8 kDa protein)  
Photosynthesis Light reaction and Calvin cycle loc_os01g12710 (AT4G13250, SDR family protein) loc_os07g05360 (AT1G79040, PSBR), loc_os11g47970 (AT2G39730, RCA), loc_os05g22614 (AT3G46780, PTAC16)
Metabolic processes
Carbohydrate metabolism Starch synthesis and degradation loc_os05g50380 (AT1G27680, APL2), loc_os07g22930 (AT1G32900 , Starch synthase), loc_os03g04770 (AT3G23920, BAM1), loc_os09g29404 (AT4G09020, ISA3) loc_os10g40640 (AT4G16600, transferase)
Sucrose synthesis and degradation loc_os08g20660 (AT5G20280, SPS1F), loc_os04g33490 (AT5G22510, INV-E), loc_os02g01590 (AT1G12240 , VAC-INV), loc_os05g45590 (AT4G29130, ATHXK1), Loc_os09g33680 (AT1G02850, BGLU11)  
Raffinose and galactinol synthesis loc_os07g48830 (AT1G56600, AtGolS2), loc_os03g20120 (AT2G47180, AtGolS1) loc_os08g38710 (AT1G55740, AtSIP1)  
Galactose metabolism loc_os10g35070 (AT5G08380, AGAL1), loc_os07g48160 (AT3G56310, AGAL putative), loc_os01g33420 (AT3G26380, AGAL putative), loc_os05g51670 (AT4G10960, UGE5) loc_os04g38530 (AT5G15140, Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein)
Trehalose synthesis loc_os10g40550 (AT4G22590, TPPG), loc_os02g44230 (AT5G51460, TPPA)  
Miscellaneous loc_os03g45390 (AT1G64760, glycosyl hydrolase family 17 protein), loc_os03g15020 (AT2G28470, BGAL8), loc_os07g23880 (AT3G23640, HGL1)  
Amino acid metabolism Synthesis loc_os05g38150 (AT2G39800, P5CS1), loc_os04g52450 (AT3G22200, GABA-T) loc_os04g33390 (AT1G08250, ADT6), loc_os07g42960 (AT1G22410, DAHP synthase), loc_os03g63330 (AT5G13280, AK1)
Degradation loc_os05g03480 (AT3G45300, IVD), loc_os03g44150 (AT5G46180, Δ-OAT), loc_os06g01360 (AT5G54080, HGO), loc_os05g39770 (AT3G08860, PYD4) loc_os04g53230 (AT1G11860, aminomethyltransferase), loc_os04g43650 (AT1G08630, THA1)
Miscellaneous   loc_os04g20164 (AT4G12290, amine oxidase)
Polyamine metabolism Spermidine synthase loc_os06g33710 (AT5G53120, SPDS3)  
TCA\organic transformation Organic acid transformaitons, carbonic anhydrases loc_os02g07760 (AT1G79440, ALDH5F1), loc_os09g28910 (AT4G33580, BCA5), loc_os01g11054 (AT3G14940, ATPPC3) loc_os04g33660 (AT3G52720, ACA1)
Fermentation Aldehyde dehydrogenase loc_os09g26880 (AT1G54100 ,ALDH7B4), loc_os08g32870 (AT1G74920, ALDH10A8) loc_os02g43194 (AT4G36250, ALDH3F1)
Pyruvate decarboxylase loc_os01g06660 (AT4G33070, PDC1)  
Lipid metabolism Synthesis loc_os11g05990 (AT3G11670, DGD1), loc_os09g21230 (AT5G23050, AAE17), loc_os12g04990 (AT5G27600, LACS7), loc_os01g57420 (AT2G20900, DGK5), loc_os10g39810 (AT4G12110, SMO1-1)  
Degradation loc_os09g37100 (AT4G35790, PLDDELTA), loc_os07g47250 (AT5G18640, lipase class 3 family protein), loc_os07g47820 (T3G06810, IBR3), loc_os11g39220 (AT5G65110, ACX2), loc_os10g04620 (AT5G16120, hydrolase), loc_os03g07180 (embryonic protein DC-8) loc_os03g40670 (AT5G08030, GDPD6)
Desaturation, transfer loc_os11g24070 loc_os03g18070 (AT3G11170, FAD7)
Secondary metabolism Isoprenoids loc_os02g07160 (AT1G06570, PDS1), loc_os01g02020 (AT5G47720, AACT1) loc_os02g04710 (AT2G07050, CAS1)
Phenylpropanoids and misc. loc_os07g42250 (AT3G51420, SSL4) loc_os04g15920 (AT4G39330, CAD9), loc_os11g32650 (AT5G13930, CHS)
Tetrapyrrole synthesis Glutamyl-tRNA reductase   loc_os10g35840 (AT1G58290, HEMA1)
Nucleotide metabolism Synthesis, adenine salvage loc_os05g49770 (AT3G12670, emb2742) loc_os02g40010 (AT1G80050, APT2)
Degradation loc_os02g50350 (AT3G17810, PYD1), loc_os08g13890 (AT1G67660, exonuclease) loc_os04g58390 (AT4G04955, ALN)
Cell wall Modification   loc_os06g48200 (AT5G57550, XTR3), loc_os01g60770 (AT1G69530, EXPA1), loc_os10g40720 (AT1G65680, ATEXPB2), loc_os05g39990 (AT2G40610, ATEXPA8)
Degradation loc_os09g31270 (AT3G57790, Pectin lyase-like superfamily protein), loc_os03g53860 (AT5G20950, glycosyl hydrolase family protein),  
Redox Ascorbate, glutathione loc_os12g29760 (AT4G33670, L-GalDH) loc_os02g44500 (AT4G11600, GPX6)
Heme loc_os02g33020 (AT3G10130, SOUL heme-binding family protein  
Miscellaneous loc_os03g16210 (AT5G06060, tropinone reductase), loc_os03g04660 (AT4G39490, CYP96A10), loc_os07g48020 (AT5G05340, peroxidase), loc_os07g48050 (AT5G05340, peroxidase)
Unspecified processes   loc_os03g17470 (AT3G55040, GSTL2), loc_os01g08440 (AT4G15550, IAGLU), loc_os01g05840 (AT2G37540, SDR family protein), loc_os02g51930 (AT1G22400, UGT85A1), loc_os10g40570 (AT1G63370, FMO family protein), loc_os12g21789 (AT3G49880, glycosyl hydrolase family protein 43), loc_os11g03730 (AT3G10740, ASD1), loc_os06g22080 (AT3G51520, diacylglycerol acyltransferase family), loc_os06g49990 (AT3G51130)  
   loc_os10g32680 (AT1G07040), loc_os11g37560 (AT3G55760), loc_os01g46600 (PM41), loc_os03g51350, loc_os01g40280 (AT5G35460), loc_os09g20930, loc_os03g45280 (dehydrin), loc_os04g34610 (AT1G43245), loc_os03g48380 (AT1G27150), loc_os08g33640 (AT1G23110), loc_os01g58114 (AT4G27020), loc_os05g33820 (AT1G10740), loc_os02g48630 (AT5G48020), loc_os05g48230 (AT4G13400), loc_os09g04100 (AT4G31830), loc_os01g26920 (AT2G39080) loc_os02g38240 (AT4G24750), loc_os07g12730 (AT5G01750)