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Figure 2

From: Parallel action of AtDRB2 and RdDM in the control of transposable element expression

Figure 2

DRB2 interacts in planta with proteins involved in chromatin regulation. (a-c) Co-immunoprecipitations confirming the interaction between DRB2 and (a) PRMT4B, (b) HDA19, and (c) MSI4. For each experiment, F1 plants resulting from the cross between the two lines and harbouring both transgenes were used, while either the parental line or a F1 plant segregating only one of the transgenes were used as negative controls. Inputs and purified fractions were analysed by western blot. Background bands are indicated by an asterisk (*). (d) Gel filtration on a superose 6 column of DRB2-FlagHA, PRMT4B-Cmyc, HDA19-GFP and MSI4-eGFP crude extracts. Fractions (500 μl) were analysed by western blot and fraction numbers, sizing standards and corresponding volumes are indicated. In all cases, DRB2-FlagHA is revealed with a HA antibody, PRMT4B-Cmyc with a Cmyc antibody and HDA19-GFP, MSI4-eGFP, eGFP-MSI4 are revealed using a GFP antibody.

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