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Figure 4

From: Systems approach for exploring the intricate associations between sweetness, color and aroma in melon fruits

Figure 4

Associating groups of genes and cellular processes accompanying the accumulation of metabolites. The full names of the metabolites are listed in Table 1. (A) Metabolites versus genes correlation matrix (Spearman’s rho coefficient). The heatmap display correlation values for the 17 representative metabolic traits detailed at Figure 3B. 6129 genes were significantly correlated with at least a single representative metabolic trait (|r| > 0.3). The rows in the heat map are the genes clustered by their expression patterns and the columns are the metabolic traits. Gene groups (marked at green, black and red) were selected by cutting the tree. (B) A heat map of over-represented categories from the black, green and red gene groups marked at (A). The level of representation of genes within each group across the top level of MapMan categories was subjected to cumulative hypergeometric distribution tests. Categories that are significantly enriched are colored in red (light red: 0.01 < P value < = 0.05; dark red: < P value < = 0.01). For each category (rows) numbers in bracts are indicative of its level of classification (left) and the number of genes assigned to the category (left).

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