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Table 2 Expression types for all genes in the study

From: Transcriptomic changes due to water deficit define a general soybean response and accession-specific pathways for drought avoidance

Type Interpretation Count
Untested Few transcripts present in any sample 19,391
Low-expression Expression was too low to classify, but clearly present 8,488
E-only Environmental response; gene expression levels change over the time-course, but there were no genotypic differences 9,208
E-ambiguous Expression levels change over the time-course; genotypic differences may be present but minor. 3,619
G-only No environmental response, but a constant genotypic difference across time-points 75
GxE A substantial genotypic difference between two time-points; genotype is conditioning environmental response 542
G + E An environmental response and a constant genotypic difference across time-points 84
G + E- ambiguous Response is either a GxE or G + E, but difficult to specify which. 1,437
Constant Expression was constant between genotypes and across time-points 7,290
Ambiguous Expression was too erratic across replicates to classify. 3,511
Total   53,645