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Table 4 Confirmation of miRNA:target pairs by RLM-RACE

From: Potential functions of microRNAs in starch metabolism and development revealed by miRNA transcriptome profiling of cassava cultivars and their wild progenitor

miRNA Target Annotation Cleavage sites
Upstream Complementary region Downstream
cassava4.1_006419m SPL2 / 10th/11th(8), 11th/12th(3) −35th/–36th(1)
cassava4.1_009657m SPL13b / 9th/10th(2), 10th /11th(4), 11th/12th(1) −1st/–2nd (1)
cassava4.1_004606m MYB33 / 11th/12th(10) −52th/–53th(1),
–115th/ –116th(1)
cassava4.1_030321m MYB81 / 11th/12th(6) −59th /–60 th(1)
miR394 cassava4.1_021267m APL2 +18th(1), +35th(3), +42th(1), +69th(2) 2nd(3), 14th(1) −27th(1), −29th(1), −49th(1), −92th(1), −105th(1), −109th(1), −139th(1)
cassava4.1_007038m F-box / 10th(2) −31th(1), −52th(1), −55th(1), −59th(1), −68th(1), −75th(1), −102th(1)
miR160 cassava4.1_002668m ARF10 / 11 th(10) /
miR167 cassava4.1_009942m RD19 +5th(1), +25th(1), +145th(1), +196th(1)   −41th(1)
miR169 cassava4.1_011576m NF-YA3 +30th(1), +6th(1) 11th(5), 15th(1) /
miR396 cassava4.1_003731m GRF1 +69th(2) 6th(1), 11th(6) −45th(1), −60th(1), −188th(1)
miR398 cassava4.1_024493m DIR-like +8th(10) / /
miR477 cassava4.1_008074m CLB +37th(8) / /
miR166 cassava4.1_009671m GH17 / / −8th(3), −16th(6), −34th(1)
new-21 cassava4.1_006393m EDR2 / / −112th(6), −160th(2), −176th(1), −177th(1), −178th(1), −182th(1)
  1. Note: As an example, 10th/11th (8) indicate that there were eight cleavage sites at the 10th or 11th nucleotide in the complementary region of cassava4.1_006419m and miR156/535; alternatively, −35th/–36th (1) indicates that there was one cleavage site downstream of the complementary region of cassava4.1_006419m and miR156/535.