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Table 2 Genotypes and geographic distribution of LMW-GS genes in T. urartu population

From: Composition, variation, expression and evolution of low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit genes in Triticum urartu

Genotype m-type s-type i-type Original region # Accession number
TuA3-385 TuA3-391 TuA3-397 TuA3-400 TuA3-460 TuA3-502 TuA3-576 TuA3-538 Iraq Iran Armenia Lebanon Syria Turkey
U1 TuA3-385a+ TuA3-373 TuA3-397a    TuA3-502c* TuA3-576d TuA3-538a*       1 1
U2 TuA3-385b TuA3-391 TuA3-397a    TuA3-502b TuA3-406 TuA3-538c* 1 1   9 1 23 35
U3 TuA3-385a TuA3-391 TuA3-397a    TuA3-498* TuA3-597* TuA3-535*       5 5
U4 TuA3-385b TuA3-392 TuA3-397a    TuA3-520* TuA3-576c* TuA3-538d       7 7
U5 TuA3-385a TuA3-392 TuA3-397a    TuA3-502c* TuA3-576b* TuA3-538b*       9 9
U6 TuA3-385a TuA3-392 TuA3-397a    TuA3-502a* TuA3-576a* TuA3-538a*     36 2 1 39
U7 TuA3-385a TuA3-392 TuA3-397a    TuA3-502d TuA3-555* TuA3-538a*     1   1 2
U8 TuA3-385a TuA3-392 TuA3-397b*    TuA3-502a* TuA3-579b* TuA3-538b*     15 1   16
U9 TuA3-385a TuA3-392 TuA3-397a    TuA3-593 TuA3-576b* TuA3-538e*     1 1 4 6
U10 TuA3-385a TuA3-373 TuA3-397a   TuA3-460 TuA3-502a* TuA3-579a* TuA3-538b*    1 19   1 21
U11 TuA3-385a TuA3-373 TuA3-397a   TuA3-463 TuA3-520* TuA3-576c* TuA3-538a*       2 2
U12 TuA3-385b TuA3-373 TuA3-397a   TuA3-463 TuA3-495 TuA3-669* TuA3-657*       1 1
U13 TuA3-385a TuA3-392 TuA3-397a   TuA3-474 TuA3-502c* TuA3-576d TuA3-538d     1   3 4
U14 TuA3-385a TuA3-392 TuA3-397a TuA3-402   TuA3-520* TuA3-576c* TuA3-538a*       5 5
U15   TuA3-392 TuA3-397b* TuA3-400*   TuA3-590 TuA3-576e* TuA3-538a*    4     4
  1. +Letter following the number is used to distinguish allelic variants with the same size of DNA fragment.
  2. *Asterisks label active genes with their protein products detected in SDS-PAGE or 2-DE.
  3. #Lebanon and Turkey represent Northeastern Lebanon and Southeastern Turkey, respectively.