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Figure 3

From: Trans-Golgi network localized small GTPase RabA1d is involved in cell plate formation and oscillatory root hair growth

Figure 3

Localization of GFP-RabA1d during the cell plate formation in cytokinetic cells. During cell plate initiation, GFP-RabA1d localized in the mid plane of the dividing cell and completely colocalized with FM4-64 (A-C). In the early stage of growing cell plates, GFP-RabA1d still appeared in the mid-plane of the cell (D-F). During cytokinesis, GFP-RabA1d was accumulated mainly at the edges of growing cell plate (G-I). Intensity profile of GFP-RabA1d and FM4-64 signals during cell plate initiation and early stage of plate expansion (J,K), the two channels showed similar intensity and distribution; while in growing cell plate, GFP-RabA1d showed more intensity at the edges of growing cell plate than FM4-64 (L). Bars represent 2 μm.

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