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Table 1 Amplicons designed from ESTs for SNP discovery

From: A set of EST-SNPs for map saturation and cultivar identification in melon

  Amplicons Failed Monomorphic Polymorphic Polymorphic amplicons* In silico SNP validation
Random ESTs 223 58 72 93 56.3%  
in silico pSNPs 269 41 69 159 69.7% 51.8%
in silico pSCHs 97 14 57 26 31.3% 21.3%
TOTAL 589 113 198 278 58.4%  
  1. ESTs were selected at random or chosen because they contained pSNPs or pSCHs in the MELOGEN database. Columns show the number of amplicons that failed to amplify or gave bad quality sequences, and monomorphic and polymorphic amplicons between SC and PS. The percentages of polymorphic amplicons and in silico SNPs that were validated are shown in the last two columns. (*) Polymorphic amplicons rate was calculated without considering failed amplicons.