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Table 2 Unigene sequences (ESTs) representing proteins with regulatory roles.

From: Isolation, identification and expression analysis of salt-induced genes in Suaeda maritima, a natural halophyte, using PCR-based suppression subtractive hybridization

EST accession number (GenBank) Name of the proteins/genes EST redun-dancy for a gene (%)a BLASTX search E-value Mean EST length (bp)
FC932788 60S acidic ribosomal protein P0 0.93 4.00E-46 657
FG228222 Adenosine monophosphate binding protein-5 (AMP-binding) 0.23 1.00E-64 543
FC932702 Appr-1-p processing enzyme family protein 1.40 8.00E-12 132
FC932664 ATHB-1 (Homeobox-leucine zipper protein) 3.76 4.00E-18 373
FC932731 C2 domain-containing protein 0.23 3.00E-14 601
FC932705 C2H2 type zinc finger family protein 0.23 3.00E-09 326
FC932694 C3H4-type zinc finger (RING finger) protein 0.23 2.00E-12 247
FC932783 CBS domain-containing protein 0.23 2.00E-25 254
FC932656 DnaJ protein, putativeb 0.47 4.00E-67 467
FC932677 Ethylene responsive element binding protein (EREBP) 0.93 6.00E-16 160
FG228218 Eukaryotic elongation factor 1A 0.23 3.00E-42 321
FC932688 F-box domain containing protein, putative 0.23 0.056 509
FC932771 GTP-binding protein, putative 0.23 8.00E-44 276
FC932675 Homeodomain leucine zipper protein HDZ3b 3.76 2.00E-18 373
FC932662 Jasmonate-induced protein homolog 7.69 0.001 386
FC932679 Jasmonate-induced protein homolog 2.80 1.00E-05 520
FC932804 Leucine-rich repeat family protein 0.23 9.00E-28 315
FC932737 O-linked GlcNAc transferase like 0.93 1.00E-04 307
FC932759 Pasticcino 1 0.23 1.00E-62 626
FC932684 Pre-mRNA splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase-like proteinb 0.23 2.30 610
FC932706 Putative sigma-like transcription factor 0.23 2.00E-09 271
FC932765 Putative Zn-binding protein with RING finger 1.17 7.00E-22 457
FG228209 Transducin family protein 0.23 1.00E-47 380
FG228219 Valyl-tRNA synthetase, putative 0.23 6.00E-36 539
FC932666 White collar 1 protein (WC1) 0.23 9.70 311
  1. ESTs sequences from the forward SSH cDNA library of S. maritima were grouped into singletons and contigs using TIGR Assembler and were termed as unigenes. The unigene sequences were blasted for homology search using BLASTX programme (default) at NCBI database. The search results for those unigenes representing proteins having regulatory function are summarized. EST redundancy of each unigene is also given along with the average size of the ESTs constituting the unigene.
  2. aPercentage of the fraction of ESTs representing a unigene/total no. of ESTs
  3. bGenes reported to be induced by salt