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Table 1 Randomly isolated SSH clones.

From: A compatible interaction of Alternaria brassicicola with Arabidopsis thalianaecotype DiG: evidence for a specific transcriptional signature

Annotation TAIR number inc primers x
60S ribosomal protein L13A AT3G24830.1 no   
SIR sulfite reductase AT5G04590.1 yes   3
PSAL photosystem I subunit L AT4G12800.1 no   
Cobalamin-independent methionine synthase AT5G17920.2 no MTH  
glutamine synthase AT1G66200.1 no GS 2
alpha dioxygenase 1 AT3G01420.1 no PDIOX  
NPQ4 non-photochemical quenching AT1G44575.1 no   
protein phosphorylated amino acid binding AT5G10450.2 no   2
FF domain-containing protein 14-3-3 stress related AT3G19670.1 no   2
sorbitol dehydrogenase AT5G51970.2 no   2
26S proteasome AAA-ATPase subunit AT5G19990.1 no PATP 2
no hit     
APX1 ascorbate peroxidase AT1G07890.7 yes   
acyl-CoA oxidase AT5G65110.2 no   
chloroplastic drought-induced stress protein AT1G76080.1 no   
chloroplast-encoded 23S ribosomal ATCG01180.1 no   2
no hit     
SHM3 serine hydroxymethyltransferase AT4G32520.1 no   
no hit     
PDF1.2 defensin AT5G44420.1 yes   
Chitinase AT2G43590.1 yes   6
no hit     
lipid binding AT1G04970.2 no   
sugar transporter AT1G77210.1 no   
no hit     
LHCA4 Photosystem I light harvesting complex gene 4 AT3G47470.1 no   
ribosomal L6 AT1G74050 no   
dehalogenase hydrolase AT2G32150.1 no   
expressed protein AT1G07040.1 no   
protein kinase AT2G23450.1 no   
NADPH cyt P450 reductase AT4G24520.1 no P450  
no hit     
GTP binding AT1G17470.1 no   
GST AT1G65820.1 no   
RuBisCo AT5G38410.1 no   2
cobalamin independent methionine synthase AT3G03780.2 no   
inorganic carbon transport, small stretch AT4G32340.1 no   
malate dehydrogenase AT5G09660.2 no MDH  
lipase class 3 AT5G24210.1 no   
no hits     
glycosyl hydrolase family 17 AT4G16260.1 yes   4
no hits     
peroxidase 42 (PER42) AT4G21960.1 no PRX42  
speckle-type POZ protein-related AT3G48360.1 no   
UDP-glucose 4-epimerase AT1G12780.1 no   
cysteine proteinase (RD21A)/thio AT1G47128.1 no RD21A  
chlorophyll A-B binding AT3G61470.1 no   
amino acid transporter family AT3G56200.1 no   
expressed protein AT5G23040.2 no   
glutamate:glyoxylate aminotransfer AT1G23310.2 no   
expressed protein AT5G02020.2 no   
cysteine synthase, putative/O-ac AT5G28030.1 no   
cytochrome b5 domain-containing AT3G48890.1 yes   
protein kinase family protein AT3G51550.1 no   
chlorophyll A-B binding AT1G61520.2 no   
sugar transport protein (STP4), AT3G19930.1 no   
expressed protein AT5G54540.1 no   
glycine hydroxymethyltransferase AT4G37930.1 no   
similar to gamma-glutamylcysteine AT4G23100.1 yes   
no hits     
autophagy 7 (APG7) AT5G45900.1 no   
expressed protein AT3G15450.3 no   
expressed protein AT4G19160.3 no   
expressed protein AT1G02475.1 no   
serine-rich protein-related AT5G25280.2 no   
GST AT4G02520.1 yes   
expressed protein AT1G26110.1 no   
GSH1 AT4G23100.1 yes   
meprin and TRAF homology domain AT2G32870.1 no   
PSBO2 AT3G50820.1 no   
actin-depolymerizing factor 1 AT3G46010.1 no   
spermidine synthase 2 AT1G70310.1 no   
cytochrome P450 (CYP83B1) AT4G31500.1 no   2
2-oxoacid-dependent oxidase AT3G49620.1 no   
dehydrin (RAB18) AT5G66400.1 no   
expressed protein AT1G64360.1 no   
auxin-responsive protein AT3G07390.1 no   
3-oxoacyl-(acyl-carrier protein) AT1G24360.1 no 3OA  
cysteine proteinase AT5G60360.2 no   
no hits     
peroxisomal membrane 22 kDa family AT5G19750.1 no   
CBL-interacting protein kinase 6 AT4G30960.1 no   
coronatine-responsive protein AT1G19670.1 yes   2
hevein-like protein AT3G04720.1 yes   
monooxygenase (MO1), AT4G15760.1 no MO1  
KELP transcriptional coactivator p15 AT4G10920.1 no   
peroxidase 42 (PER42) AT4G21960.1 no   
ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme 1 AT1G14400.2 no   
mannitol transporter AT4G36670 yes   
aspartate aminotransferase 3 AT5G11520.1 no   
basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) fami AT5G46760.1 no   
expressed protein AT4G25030.2 yes   
no apical meristem (NAM) family AT1G69490.1 no   
expressed protein AT2G15890.1 no   
TMS membrane family protein AT1G16180.1 no   
expressed protein AT5G54730.1 no   
60S ribosomal protein L23A AT2G39460.1 no   
CBL-interacting protein kinase 6 AT4G30960.1 no   
Calmodulin AT2G41410.1 yes   
RER1B AT2G21600.1 no   
glycine-rich RNA-binding protein AT4G13850.2 no   
chlorophyll A-B binding AT2G05070.1 no   
cytochrome C AT1G22840 yes   
  1. The nucleotide sequences were used to search the TAIR database by BLASTN. A brief annotation and link to the TAIR database are given for each sequence. "No hits" indicates that no Arabidopsis gene was identified; these transcripts might represent fungal genes. The test primer pairs chosen are listed (names refer to Table 2), as well as the number of times (x) that the same gene was identified in the set of cDNA clones sequenced (if more than once). Clones marked "yes" were previously reported [17] in an incompatible Arabidopsis-Alternaria interaction (inc).