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Table 4 A comparison of TRUNCATULIX to other data warehouses

From: TRUNCATULIX – a data warehouse for the legume community

Data Warehouse feature GeWare Medicago truncatula Gene Expression Atlas TRUNCATULIX
Target organism homo sapiens Medicago truncatula Medicago truncatula
static/dynamic data dynamic Static static
number of microarray experiments unknown 18 18
number of microarrays mircoarrays unknown 54 204
automatic annotation information yes searchable, but not visible yes
KEGG-mapping no yes yes
GO-numbers no yes yes
search yes yes yes
blast homology search no yes no, planned
export options yes yes yes
free use yes yes yes
free access no yes yes
  1. The table shows a comparison of the three data warhouses GeWare, the Medicago truncatula Gene Expression Atlas, and TRUNCATULIX.