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Table 1 Putative cis-acting regulatory motifs in P-miR164a promoter.

From: Virus infection elevates transcriptional activity of miR164a promoter in plants

TF Site Name First Organism Described Position Strand sequence
ABA ABRE Arabidopsis thaliana -565 + TACGTG
   Hordeum vulgare -567 + CGTACGTGCA
   Arabidopsis thaliana -1067 - TACGTG
   Arabidopsis thaliana -1069 - TACGTGTC
   Arabidopsis thaliana -1755 - TACGTG
Defense and Stress TC-rich repeats Nicotiana tabacum -597 - ATTCTCTAAC
Fungal Elicitor Box-W1 Petroselinum crispum -495 + TTGACC
Gibberellin P-box Oryza sativa -499 + CCTTTTG
Jasmonic acid CGTCA-motif Hordeum vulgare -515 - CGTCA
   Hordeum vulgare -1217 + CGTCA
   Hordeum vulgare -1532 + CGTCA
  TGACG-motif Hordeum vulgare -515 + TGACG
   Hordeum vulgare -1217 - TGACG
   Hordeum vulgare -1532 - TGACG
Salicylic acid TCA-element Brassica oleracea -547 - GAGAAGAATA
  1. Putative motifs recognized by transcription factors (TF) related to ABA, defense and stress, fungal elicitors, gibberellins, jasmonic acid and salicylic acid were detected using PlantCare program (Selected Matrix score for all elements ≥ 5). The site name, consensus sequence and the first organism where it was described were indicated. The positions were assigned relative to the miR164a transcription start site. (+) and (-) indicate sense or antisense DNA strands.