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Archived Comments for: 'Who's who' in two different flower types of Calluna vulgaris (Ericaceae): morphological and molecular analyses of flower organ identity

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  1. Authors´ comment

    Thomas Borchert, Leibniz-Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops

    12 May 2010

    The oligo (5'-TSAAGAAAGCWWARGAGCTYWCCG) used to amplify fragments of MADS-box-like transcription factors by 3’-RACE-PCR was provided by Andrea Haerter (University of Jena) and is published here without her consent. The authors hereby explicitly exclude the oligo and its sequence from any rights that were initially obtained under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. This comment is posted here with full agreement of Andrea Haerter.

    Competing interests

    None declared