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Figure 6

From: Vitamin B6 deficient plants display increased sensitivity to high light and photo-oxidative stress

Figure 6

Photooxidative stress of whole Arabidopsis plants (WT and pdx1 ). A) Autoluminescence imaging of lipid peroxidation after high light stress (2d, 6°C, 1500 μmol m-2 s-1). B) Thermoluminescence signal of WT leaves and leaves of the pdx1 mutant before and after high light stress (LL and HL, respectively). C) Lipid hydroperoxide level (HOTE) in leaves of control and high light-stressed WT and pdx1 plants. *, significantly different from the WT value with P < 0.015 (t test). D) Distribution of lipid hydroperoxide (HOTE) isomers in leaves of control and high-light stressed WT and pdx1 plants. Data are mean values of 3 to 5 measurements + SD.

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