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Table 3 Anchor markers used for map comparison.

From: Synteny conservation between two distantly-related Rosaceae genomes: Prunus (the stone fruits) and Fragaria(the strawberry)

Markers Prunus (T×E) Fragaria (FV×FN) No. anchor markers
RFLPs Mapped by Dirlewanger et al. (2004) Mappeda 40
Fragaria ESTs Mapped in the transcript map (GDR) Bin mappeda 13
Fragaria ESTs Bin mappeda Mapped by Sargent et al. (2007) 8
Prunus ESTs Mapped in the transcript map (GDR) Bin mapped (3)a or mapped (5)a 8
Microsatellites Mappeda Mapped (1) by Sargent et al. (2007) or here (1)a 2
  1. Origin of the 71 anchor markers used for the comparison between the genomes of Prunus and diploid Fragaria using the reference populations (T×E for Prunus and FV×FN for Fragaria) and mapping strategies used: with the whole population ("mapped") or by bin mapping ("bin mapped").
  2. aResults obtained in this paper