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Figure 3

From: Co-expression and promoter content analyses assign a role in biotic and abiotic stress responses to plant natriuretic peptides

Figure 3

Frequency of occurrence of the W-box (TTGAC) core motif in artificial clusters generated in POBO for A. thaliana background promoters compared to the promoters of AtPNP-A and the 25 most positively expression correlated genes. The 1 kb upstream promoter sequences of the 26 expression correlated genes were analysed in POBO (see methods and [see Additional file 3]) to determine the frequency of occurrence of the TTGAC W-box core motif. The analysis determined that compared to the A. thaliana background (2.24 copies/promoter), there was a significant (t-test: p-value > 0.0001) enrichment in the frequency of the TTGAC motif in our dataset (2.99 copies/promoter).

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