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Table 4 Genomic organization of NBS-LRR loci across M. acuminata and M. balbisiana genomes

From: Analysis of non-TIR NBS-LRR resistance gene analogs in Musa acuminata Colla: Isolation, RFLP marker development, and physical mapping

RGA probe BAC library Number of positive BAC clones on high density BAC filtersa Number of positive BAC clones after Southern blot re-validationb Validated BAC clone coordinates/number of copies of NBS-LRR sequences per BAC
MaRGA08 M. acuminata Calcutta 4 16 11 52E23/7, 57G22/1, 68N02/1, 84K23/1, 105F04/1, 113F17/4, 114B14/1, 130I03/1, 137L16/1, 143P02/1, 97H24/1
MaRGA08 M. acuminata Grande Naine 24 18 24O03/1, 26P13/3, 62E05/4, 63A04/9, 66G14/3, 67F13/2, 75I23/3, 91O16/9, 95A22/6, 112K22/6, 114K14/9, 122D14/1, 125A08/4, 127O08/5, 133E15/6, 139M12/8, 142A24/3, 143P21/2
MaRGA08 M. balbisiana Pisang Klutuk Wulung 22 22 04L16/6, 04M06/3, 12B09/6, 14P10/7, 15E06/7, 17K14/7, 19H11/2, 22M12/8, 25J05/2, 26I06/6, 27C10/4, 32E10/11, 32N20/11, 35J24/3, 36B13/11, 46G13/6, 53I03/9, 55C19/3, 56J15/5, 56M16/7, 86F08/1, 90E06/3
MaRGA37 M. acuminata Calcutta 4 9 9 53G07/6, 56C23/6, 100K17/4, 100N08/4, 123I19/1, 126A11/1, 137L23/2, 139G23/1, 140M09/3
MaRGA37 M. acuminata Grande Naine 31 25 2A04/3, 17B04/7, 20I24/5, 24J20/6, 28K02/6, 32I11/7, 36G18/8, 47F09/4, 49B06/9, 49N21/7, 54B03/6, 59J09/7, 71F04/3, 73I23/7, 77K22/5, 79B08/7, 81P08/7, 88M19/6, 94D12/5, 94L13/8, 98K10/8, 106I23/6, 107M21/4, 121G06/4, 141M20/4
MaRGA37 M. balbisiana Pisang Klutuk Wulung 3 3 49E14/2, 86J02/2, 94I23/2
  1. a The BAC clones were identified following hybridization of probes MaRGA08 and MaRGA37 to Musa high density BAC filters
  2. b The BAC clones identified were reconfirmed via re-hybridization of probes MaRGA08 and MaRGA37 to Southern blots of restricted BAC clones