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Table 1 Degenerate primer sequences and target motifs used for RGA isolation in M. acuminata Calcutta 4

From: Analysis of non-TIR NBS-LRR resistance gene analogs in Musa acuminata Colla: Isolation, RFLP marker development, and physical mapping

Degenerate Primer Target motif name/plant origin Primer sequence (5' to 3')a Author
P1A (forward) P-loop/Dicotyledon GGIATGCCIGGIIIIGGIAARACIAC [26]
P1B (forward) P-loop/Dicotyledon GGIATGGGIGGIIIIGGIAARACIAC [26]
LM638 (forward) P-loop/Monocotyledon & Dicotyledon GGIGGIGTIGGIAAIACIAC [23]
RNBSD-rev (reverse) RNBS-D non-TIR/Monocotyledon & Dicotyledon GGRAAIARISHRCARTAIVIRAARC [34]
39F1 (forward) Non NBS (n-terminal)/monocotyledon TCATCAAGGACGAGCTGgarwbnatgma This study
1F (forward) P-loop – GKTT/monocotyledon GGCGGGGTGGGCaaracnacnht This study
P1C (forward) P-loop – GKTT/Dicotyledon GGICGICCIGGIIIIGGIAARACIAC This study
3F2 (forward) Kinase 2/monocotyledon GAGGTACTTCCTGGTGCTGgaygayrtbtgg This study
2F (forward) RNBS-B/monocotyledon AACGGCTGCAGGATCATGrtbachachmg This study
1R1 (reverse) P-loop/monocotyledon CGTGCTGGGCCAGGgtngtyttncc This study
P3B (reverse) GLPL/Dicotyledon AIITYIRIIRYIAGIGGIAGICC This study
13R1 (reverse) LRR/monocotyledon CGGCCAAGTCGTGCAyvakrtcrtgca This study
11R1 (reverse) LRR/monocotyledon TCAGCTTGCCGATCCACtydggsagbyt This study
  1. a Degenerate code: I = inosine; R = A/G; Y = C/T; M = A/C; K = G/T; W = A/T; S = C/G; B = C/G/T; D = A/G/T; H = A/C/T; V = A/C/G; N = A/C/G/T