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Table 1 Description of tomato candidate control genes

From: Selection of internal control genes for quantitative real-time RT-PCR studies during tomato development process

Gene Symbol Tomato Accession Number* Arabidopsis
   Homologous Locus Locus Description/Function Amino acid Identity with Tomato (%)
GAPDH U97257 AT1G13440 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase/Glycolysis-Gluconeogenesis 91.9
EFα1 X53043 AT1G07940 Elongation factor 1-alpha/Translation elongation 67.5
TBP SGN-U329249 AT1G55520 TATA binding protein/General RNA polymerase II transcription factor 94.8
RPL8 X64562 AT4G36130 Ribosomal protein L8/Structural constituent of ribosome 92.3
APT BT012816 AT1G27450 Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase/Purine metabolism 84.4
DNAJ AF124139 AT3G44110 DnaJ-like protein/Protein binding/folding 81.3
TUA AC122540 AT5G19770 Alpha-tubulin/Structural constituent of cytoskeleton 92.0
TIP41 SGN-U321250 AT4G34270 TIP41-like family protein 67.5
SAND SGN-U316474 AT2G28390 SAND family protein 61.4
CAC SGN-U314153 AT5G46630 Clathrin adaptor complexes medium subunit/Endocytic pathway 95.0
Expressed SGN-U346908 AT4G33380 Expressed sequence 66.4
  1. * Accession numbers from GenBank database or Sol Genomics Network (SGN).