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Archived Comments for: Host-plant-mediated effects of Na defensin on herbivore and pathogen resistance in Nicotiana attenuata

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  1. Correct nomenclature of Na-thionin

    cbgowda rayapuram, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

    23 January 2009

    Lately, a correction in the nomenclature of Na-thionin has been noticed by one of the readers of BMC Plant Biology (Dr. Sonny Larsson). It seems that there is a confusion about the peptide nomenclature (thionins)in the NCBI databases. And, as per the latest report,thionin (or PR-13) family of defense related plant peptides actually belong to plant defensin (or PR-12) family member. It has been reported that the 3D structure of plant thionin is very similar to defensins from insects and mammals (to a lesser degree). Hence the correct nomenclature for Na-thionin would be Na-defensin. We request the readers to note this change.

    We thank Dr Sonny Larsson for noticing this error and helping us to correct it.

    Further details on the naming and classification of defenesins can be found in the following manuscripts:Thomma et al. (Planta 216(2002)193) and Van Loon et al. (Annual Review of Phytopathology 44:2006,135), and from

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