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Table 1 Acquired data

From: Systematic analysis of alternative first exons in plant genomes

Species Sequence Datasets Database
Oryza sativa L. ssp. Japonica General EST 1,211,078 NCBI dbEST
  mRNA 23,309 NCBI CoreNucleotide
  Full-length cDNA 32,127 KOME**
  Genome   IRGSP* Release 4.0
Arabidopsis thaliana General EST 734,275 NCBI dbEST
  mRNA 30,476 NCBI CoreNucleotide
  Full-length cDNA 15,294 RIKEN RAFL***
  Genome   NCBI Genomes
  1. *IRGSP stands for International Rice Genome Sequencing Project
  2. **KOME stands for Knowledge-based Oryza Molecular biological Encyclopedia
  3. *** RAFL stands for RIKEN Arabidopsis Full-length cDNA clones