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Table 6 Comparative analysis of SSRs motif polymorphisms between Lolium perenne, Festuca arundinacea, Brachypodium distachyon, and Oryza sativa. The cross-species comparison of SSR motif polymorphisms was performed as described in Methods.

From: Frequency, type, and distribution of EST-SSRs from three genotypes of Lolium perenne, and their conservation across orthologous sequences of Festuca arundinacea, Brachypodium distachyon, and Oryza sativa

Lolium perennesequence name LoliumPerenneSSR motif Festuca arundinaceaaccession no. Festuca arundinaceaSSR motif Brachypodium distachyonaccession no. Brachypodium distachyonSSR motif Oryza sativaaccession no. Oryza sativaSSR motif
gsa_002c_h11 (ACC)6 DT687024 (ACC)1AGC (ACC)2 BDEST01P1_Contig0330 No sequence at SSR motif AK058436 No SSR motif
gsa_002d_g10 (CAG)4 DT696591 No SSR motif BDEST01P1_Contig3728 No SSR motif AK103926 No SSR motif
gsa_004b_a03 (GCG)4 DT706499 (GCG)4 BDEST01P1_Contig3390 No SSR motif AK058218 No SSR motif
gsa_005a_e12 (CCG)4 DT703561 (CCG)4 BDEST01P1_Contig3040 (CCG)1 AK058256 (CCG)2CG (CCG)1
gsa_005c_d09 (GTC)4 DT706693 (GTC)4 BDEST01P1_Contig3222 No SSR motif AK058745 No SSR motif
gsa_005d_h08 (CCG)4 DT680895 (CCG)1CA (CCG)1 BDEST01P1_Contig3684 No SSR motif AK058262 (CCG)1C(CCG)1
gsa_006c_d05 (GCC)5 DT702323 (GCC)3 BDEST01P1_Contig3138 (GCC)2GGC (GCC)1 AK103918 (GCC)4
gsa_007c_g07 (TCC)4 DT679877 (TCC)2 BDEST01P1_Contig3812 (TCC)1 AK058319 No SSR motif
gsb_001a_g04 (TCC)4 DT693705 (TCC)4 BDEST01P1_Contig2531 (TCC)1CC (TCC)3 AK058266 (TCC)3
r_006d_e02 (CCG)4 DT714248 No sequence at SSR motif BDEST01P1_Contig2672 (CCG)2TCG (CCG)4 AK058319 No SSR motif
rg1_005a_h06 (CTAT)4 DT703817 (CTAT)4 BDEST01P1_Contig3709 (CTAT)1 AK058206 (CTAT)1
rg1_010d_b12 (CCGA)4 DT711949 (CCGA)3 DV479746 No SSR motif AK099825 (CCGA)1
rg3_008b_e10 (CCGA)4 DT696572 (CCGA)3 BDEST01P1_Contig3759 No SSR motif AK099825 (CCGA)1
rg6_009d_f05 (GAT)4 DT704991 (GAT)4 BDEST01P1_ Contig3531 No sequence at SSR motif AK073601 (GAT)3
sb_004a_b07 (GCA)4 DT681698 (GCA)1CGAGG (GCA)1 BDEST01P1_Contig3777 (GCA)2 AK058207 No SSR motif
ve_006d_h08 (CGC)4 DT714632 No sequence at SSR motif DV488951 No sequence at SSR motif AK071185 (CGC)2AGC (CGC)1
ve_007d_h07 (CAC)6 DT708139 No SSR motif BDEST01P1_ Contig3106 (ACC)2GCCGGCC(ACC)1 AK103919 No SSR motif
vr_001c_h04 (CGC)4 DT685847 (CGC)1GCCC (CGC)1 BDEST01P1_ Contig0404 No sequence at SSR motif AK058248 (CGC)8
  1. n.d: No allelic sequence present in the EST collection.