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Table 2 Fold-change in the expression of EDR2 (At4g19040) and related genes following inoculation of wild-type plants with selected pathogens

From: EDR2 negatively regulates salicylic acid-based defenses and cell death during powdery mildew infections of Arabidopsis thaliana

Treatment a   At4g19040 At2g28320 At3g54800 At5g45560
Numerator Denominator 251854_atb 265273_at 254602_at 248948_at
Exp. 146, Time course of infection with Golovinomyces orontii Ratio c
   ATGE_EOr_6 h_inf ATGE_EOr_6 h_uninf 1.1 1.0 ns d ns
   ATGE_EOr_12 h_inf ATGE_EOr_12 h_uninf 0.9 0.9 ns ns
   ATGE_EOr_18 h_inf ATGE_EOr_18 h_uninf 1.0 0.8 ns ns
   ATGE_EOr_24 h_inf ATGE_EOr_24 h_uninf 1.0 0.9 ns ns
   ATGE_EOr_48 h_inf ATGE_EOr_48 h_uninf 1.0 1.0 ns ns
   ATGE_EOr_72 h_inf ATGE_EOr_72 h_uninf 0.6 e 0.8 ns ns
   ATGE_EOr_96 h_inf ATGE_EOr_96 h_uninf 0.9 0.9 ns ns
   ATGE_EOr_120 h_inf ATGE_EOr_120 h_uninf 0.7 0.8 ns ns
Exp. 147, Botrytis cinerea infection     
   ATGE_Bcin_inf_48 h ATGE_Bcin_con_48 h 2.2 e 1.7 ns ns
Exp. 106, Pseudomonas syringae infections     
   ATGE_Psyr_phaseol_24 h ATGE_Psyr_MgCl2_24 h 1.3 ns ns ns
   ATGE_Psyr_HrcC-_24 h ATGE_Psyr_MgCl2_24 h 1.0 ns ns ns
   ATGE_Psyr_DC3000_24 h ATGE_Psyr_MgCl2_24 h 2.3 e ns ns ns
   ATGE_Psyr_avrRpm1_24 h ATGE_Psyr_MgCl2_24 h 1.4 ns ns ns
  1. a Data recovered from Genevestigator [19]. The data from experiment 106 are from the Nürnberger laboratory and experiments 146 and 147 are from the Ausubel laboratory. b Affymetrix probe set identifier for the ATH1 GeneChip. c Ratio of the average signal value for the given numerator treatment over the average signal value for the given denominator treatment. d ns, no signal. Less than 3 replicates with well measured values (i.e., p-value </= 0.06) available for the numerator, the denominator or both. e Expression levels from inoculated and uninoculated plants were significantly different (Student's t-test, p = 0.01).