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Table 1 Classification of Cucumis spp. accessions according to their haplotype in EcoTILLING of eIF4Ea

From: EcoTILLING for the identification of allelic variants of melon eIF4E, a factor that controls virus susceptibility

Haplotype No. of polymorphisms Exonb/polymorphismc Amino acid change Accessionsd
H.0 -e - - Védrantais and other 97 accessions
H.1 1 1/T81-A Silent C-087, C-163, C-182, C-707, C-840, C-841, C-842
H.2 1 1/G186-T Silent C-012, C-110, C-262, C-732
H.3 2 1/G186-T Silent C-035, C-204, C-205, C-492, WMR-29
   1/C243-T Silent  
H.4 1 5/T683-A Leu228-His C-046, C-178, C-512, PI 161375
H.5 1 5/G690-A Silent C-105, C-117, C-759
  1. a Polymorphisms were observed in comparison with the cultivar Védrantais [18].
  2. b Exon harboring the SNPs/c Position of the SNPs are given in reference to the translational start site.
  3. d Accessions are referred to by Estación Experimental "La Mayora" code's.
  4. e A dash indicates that no polymorphisms were identified.