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Table 2 Comparison of Cichorium intybus ESTs with sequences from other species

From: Characterization of expressed sequence tags obtained by SSH during somatic embryogenesis in Cichorium intybus L

Database   Number of sequences Number of submitted chicory ESTs Blast type (E-value) Number of matches % of matches
Asteraceae Lettuce (CGPD) 19,523 assembled ESTs 3,348 N (1E-30) 2,040* 69
  Sunflower (CGPD) 18,031 assembled ESTs    202*  
  Zinnia (PGDB) 15,859 assembled ESTs    71*  
Arabidopsis (AtGDB)   26,719 translated coding sequences 3,348 X (1E-5) 2,905 87
GeneBank NR   >100 gigabases 3,348 X (1E-5) 2,794 84
  1. *The 3348 ESTs of chicory were sequentially submitted to BlastN searches against assembled ESTs from lettuce, sunflower and zinnia.