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Table 2 In-silico comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence of three PR-1 type genes from Malus × domestica

From: PR genes of apple: identification and expression in response to elicitors and inoculation with Erwinia amylovora

Parameter PR-1a PR-1b PR-1c
Signal sequence 24 aa Cleavable None 19 aa Un-cleavable
Predicted Location Outside of the cell Cytoplasm Plasma membrane
Leaf Accessions 10 0 0
Shoot Accessions 1 0 0
Bud Accessions 2 0 0
Flower Accessions 4 5 5
Fruit Accessions 4 2 1
  1. The deduced amino acid sequences of three different PR-1 type genes from apple were analyzed for their sub-cellular localization using PSort. The number of accessions in GenBank and their source tissue was obtained by tblastn query of National Center for Biotechnology Information Genbank data base using the 17-amino-acid sequence denoted in green in Figure 1.