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Figure 2

From: Developmental changes in abundance of the VSPβ protein following nuclear transformation of maize with the Soybean vspβ cDNA

Figure 2

Western blot detection of VSPβ in primary (R0) transgenic maize. Thirty micrograms of protein from each sample were separated by SDS-PAGE. (a) Silver-stained 12% SDS-PAGE polypeptide profile for six of the 14 analyzed R0 plants. (b) Immunodetection of VSP protein in SDS-PAGE separated transgenic R0 maize extracts transferred to Hybond-P membranes and immunodetected using VSPβ antiserum and the Reinascence kit chemiluminescent detection method (NEN Life Sciences Products, Inc). (c) Underexposed western blot showing two distinct bands corresponding to VSPα and VSPβ polypeptides in soybean leaves.

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