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Figure 2

From: Arabidopsis ETO1 specifically interacts with and negatively regulates type 2 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthases

Figure 2

Arabidopsis ETO1 interacts with LE-ACS3 but not with LE-ACS2 or LE-ACS4 in yeast. Interaction between Arabidopsis ETO1 (in pAS2) and ACC synthases (in pACT2) from tomato (LE-ACS2, LE-ACS3, and LE-ACS4) were analyzed in the yeast two-hybrid system. AtACS5 from Arabidopsis was used as a positive control representing a strong interaction partner with ETO1. pACT2 vector was used as a negative control. Three independent original transformants were analyzed for each combination. Means ± SE (n = 3) are indicated.

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