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Table 1 CODEHOP primers used for CYP98s amplification. For each primer the consensus clamp (XXX.XXX) is given in upper case and degenerate core ( in lower case. y = [C, T], n = [A, G, C, T], s = [G, C], r = [A, G]. BLASTp analysis was performed with the consensus protein sequence corresponding to each primer. Hits: best scoring P450, with expectation values lower than 0.1, are listed in the order of scores.

From: Conservation and diversity of gene families explored using the CODEHOP strategy in higher plants

Primer Sequence Protein consensus BLASTp hits on P450 database (1) Expected size of PCR product (bp)
   P98a TC.ACC.GTC.GAG.tgg.gcn.atg.gc ITVEWAMA 98/76/93/81/79/71/705 270
   P98c RVQEKVQEEL 98/78 220
   P98d RVQQKVQEELD 98/78/703/96/73 220
   P98cr C.CCG.GGC.GAT.Ggc.yyr.nac.rtt NVWAIARD 98/75/93/76/71/78/83/92/706  
  1. (1) BLASTp parameters: Matrix PAM40/Expectation Value (E)10.