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Table 4 Pearson correlation coefficients analysis results

From: Reduced polyphenol oxidase gene expression and enzymatic browning in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) with artificial microRNAs

StuPPO1 0.20 0.19 0.27 d
StuPPO2 0.70 a 0.78 a 0.80 a
StuPPO3 0.59 a 0.69 a 0.71 a
StuPPO4 0.66 a 0.69 a 0.65 a
RPR   0.85 a 0.89 a
RPPO    0.87 a
  1. Note: Pearson correlation coefficients (r2) of the relationship of PPO gene expression level (StuPPO1, StuPPO2, StuPPO3 and StuPPO4), relative PPO protein expression level (RPR), relative PPO enzymatic activity (RPPO) and relative browning potential (RBR) in potato tuber tissues. a, P < 0.0001; d, P < 0.05.