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Table 1 GenBank accession numbers for the ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 and NTS-5S rRNA sequences of A. × cornutum obtained in this study

From: Triparental origin of triploid onion, Allium × cornutum (Clementi ex Visiani, 1842), as evidenced by molecular, phylogenetic and cytogenetic analyses

KC783412 Dubrava_8 Hvar_2 Kastela_1 Vis_5
Dubrava_15 Hvar_3 Kastela_2 Vis_10
Dubrava_16 Hvar_4 Kastela_5 Vis_11
Dubrava_18   Kastela_8 Vis_12
Dubrava_22   Kastela_11 Vis_14
Dubrava_23   Kastela_12 Vis_19
KC783413 Dubrava_14    
KC783414 Dubrava_19 Hvar_10   
KC783415 Dubrava_23   Kastela_7  
KC783416 Dubrava_31   Kastela_6  
KC783417   Hvar_1   
KC783418   Hvar_8   
KC783419   Hvar_12   
KC783420   Hvar_17   
KC783421   Hvar_18   
KC783422     Vis_15
KC783423     Vis_16
KC783424     Vis_22
KC783425     Vis_26
KC783426     Vis_29
KC783427 Dubrava_10    
KC783428 Dubrava_12    
KC783429 Dubrava_13 Hvar_20   
KC783430   Hvar_21   
Total: 15 11 8 14
KC794504 Dubrava_28    
KC794505     Vis_30
KC794506 Dubrava_36    
KC794507   Hvar_23   
KC794508   Hvar_26   
KC794509   Hvar_28   
KC794510 Dubrava_26    
KC794511 Dubrava_38    
KC794512     Vis_33
KC794513     Vis_39
KC794514 Dubrava_37    
KC794515     Vis_38
KC794516     Vis_40
KC794517 Dubrava_35    
KC794518     Vis_23
KC794519     Vis_31
KC794520   Hvar_15   
KC794521   Hvar_22   
KC794522   Hvar_13   
Total: 6 6 - 7
  1. The plant material was collected from four different locations in Croatia: Dubrava, Hvar, Kastela, and Vis.