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Table 1 Tomato TCP genes

From: Identification, cloning and characterization of the tomato TCP transcription factor family

Name iTAG2.3 Previous/alternate name Accession no.
SlTCP1 Solyc02g077250.2   GQ496320
SlTCP2 Solyc07g062680.1 Cycloidea/Lanceolate AF175965
SlTCP3 Solyc12g014140.1 SlTCP3 (fragment) GQ496321
SlTCP4 Solyc03g115010.1   GQ496322
SlTCP5 Solyc02g089020.1   GQ496323
SlTCP6 Solyc06g069460.1   GQ496324
SlTCP7 Solyc02g089830.1 SlTCP2 (fragment)/BRC1B GQ496325
SlTCP8 Solyc06g069240.1 SlTCP3 (fragment) GQ496326
SlTCP9 Solyc03g119770.2 BRC1A GQ496327
SlTCP10 Solyc07g053410.2   GQ496328
SlTCP11 Solyc01g103780.2   GQ496329
SlTCP12 Solyc11g020670.1   GQ496330
SlTCP13 Solyc06g065190.1   GQ496331
SlTCP14 Solyc04g009180.1   GQ496332
SlTCP15 Solyc01g008230.2   GQ496333
SlTCP16 Solyc03g116320.2   GQ496334
SlTCP17 Solyc06g070900.2   GQ496335
SlTCP18 Solyc02g068200.1   GQ496336
SlTCP19 Solyc09g008030.1   GQ496337
SlTCP20 Solyc08g080150.1   GQ496338
SlTCP21 Solyc03g006800.1   GQ496339
SlTCP22 Solyc04g006980.1 SlTCP1 (fragment) GQ496342
SlTCP23 Solyc05g007420.1   GQ496340
SlTCP24 Solyc08g048390.1   GQ496341
SlTCP25 Solyc05g009900.1   
SlTCP26 Solyc03g045030.1   
SlTCP27 Solyc02g094290.1   
SlTCP28 Solyc02g065800.1   
SlTCP29 Solyc08g048370.2   
SlTCP30 Solyc10g008780.1