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Figure 2

From: Genetic architecture of rind penetrometer resistance in two maize recombinant inbred line populations

Figure 2

Haplotype analysis and fine mapping of qRPR3-1 in POP-HRC. (A) LOD profile for qRPR3-1 estimated using the BLUP values of plants grown in the three locations/years. (B) Detailed haplotype analysis of the putative RPR-associated interval with the BLUP value of RPR. The red lines indicate the narrowed interval of qRPR3-1, M1–M10 represent the SNP markers PZE-103104806, PZE-103110761, PZE-103112971, PZE-103114860, PZE-103118170, SYN31220, PZE-103123325, PZE-103123992, SYN23245 and PZE-103132112, respectively.

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