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Table 3 Gene expression results

From: Secretions from the ventral eversible gland of Spodoptera exigua caterpillars activate defense-related genes and induce emission of volatile organic compounds in tomato, Solanum lycopersicum

LOX 4.47(0.46)b 0.14(0.15)b 4.65(1.30)a 1.13(0.08)b 0.95(0.12)b 1.04(0.05)b
AOS 6.01(0.18)b 1.12(0.21)c 6.85(1.22)a 0.96(0.07)c 0.96(0.16)c 1.01(0.01)c
TPS5 4.68(0.39)a 0.54(0.07)b 5.31(0.81)a 1.13(0.17)c 0.75(0.16)c 1.08(0.06)c
TPS7 2.32(0.06)a 2.19(0.19)a 1.58(0.91)a 2.11(0.08)a 2.02(0.05)a 1.13(0.16)b
TPS12 5.57(0.74)a 0.86(0.23)b 6.55(0.85)a 0.90(0.27)b 0.91(0.26)b 1.02(0.13)b
TPS25 2.03(0.28)a 2.43(0.09)a 2.21(0.43)a 2.03(0.10)a 2.14(0.06)a 1.13(0.16)b
  1. Differential expression of genes involved in jasmonic acid (JA) and terpene biosynthesis in tomato plants damaged by caterpillars with the VEG intact (VEGI), plants damaged by caterpillars with the VEG ablated (VEGA), mechanically injured (MI) plants, mechanically injured plants treated with oral secretion (OS) from VEGI caterpillars (MI + OSVEGI), mechanically injured plants treated with OS from VEGA caterpillars (MI + OSVEGA), and undamaged (control) plants. qRT-PCR analyses are shown as fold change in expression. Means (±SEM) within the same row having different letters are significantly different (P < 0.05).