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Table 3 qRT-PCR relative expression of experimentally determined or predicted target genes of selected miRNAs

From: Identification of boron-deficiency-responsive microRNAs in Citrus sinensis roots by Illumina sequencing

miRNA Fold change of miRNA Accession Homology Target genes Relative change of target genes
miR157 −1.91565867** clementine0.9_008930m|PACid:19258970 At1g27370 SPL10 3.4986**
   clementine0.9_022829m|PACid:19252333 At3g57920 SPL15 2.6067**
   clementine0.9_008954m|PACid:19258969 At5g43270 SPL2 1.4237**
   clementine0.9_024862m|PACid:19271517 AT2G33810.1 SPL3 1.3488**
   clementine0.9_013242m|PACid:19264658 At2g42200 SPL9 0.3869**
   clementine0.9_008011m|PACid:19259369 At1g69170 SPL6 0.4757**
   clementine0.9_016441m|PACid:19260022 At5g50570 SPL13, SPL13A 0.3484**
   clementine0.9_023574m|PACid:19252334 At1g53160 SPL4 0.5714**
   clementine0.9_002919m|PACid:19270659 AT5G45650.1 Subtilase family protein 0.6551**
miR158 −10.05808647** clementine0.9_033221m|PACid:19268186 AT2G03210 Fucosyltransferase 2 0.5617**
   clementine0.9_001239m|PACid:19279142 AT3G07400 Lipase class 3 family protein 0.2308**
miR165 −1.72183503** clementine0.9_002294m|PACid:19282243 At5g60690 IFL1/REV 1.8727**
   clementine0.9_002262m|PACid:19273192 At4g32880 ATHB-8 2.9758**
   clementine0.9_002420m|PACid:19255038 At1g52150 ATHB-15 3.1719**
miR2118 1.80829542 clementine0.9_000380m|PACid:19257198 AT3G14460.1 LRR and NB-ARC domains-containing disease resistance protein 0.3102**
   clementine0.9_001085m|PACid:19277494 AT5G17680.1 TIR-NBS-LRR domain protein ND
miR472 1.57070884** clementine0.9_030591m|PACid:19255601 AT4G27190.1 Disease resistance protein (TIR-NBS-LRR class) family 0.2364**
   clementine0.9_002232m|PACid:19255072 AT5G63020.1 LRR and NB-ARC domains-containing disease resistance protein 0.4072**
   clementine0.9_001280m|PACid:19266747 AT1G12210.1 Disease resistance protein (CC-NBS-LRR class) family 0.5369**
miR782 −10.76475548** clementine0.9_012930m|PACid:19252541 AT2G19810.1 CCCC-type zinc finger family protein 0.3491**
miR830 −5.62148264** clementine0.9_010529m|PACid:19254979 At1g52380 RanBP1 domain 0.7394**
   clementine0.9_001127m|PACid:19282371 At3g45850 Kinesin motor-related 2.1131**
miR843 −10.39121131**   TC375153 Leucine rich repeat protein 1.9240**
   clementine0.9_003787m|PACid:19284123 At5g13550 Sulphate transporter 0.7840**
miR5023 −10.93425838** clementine0.9_013684m|PACid:19283327 AT3G21640.1 FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase family protein 1.0678*
   clementine0.9_002391m|PACid:19286425 AT5G45160.1 Root hair defective 3 GTP-binding protein (RHD3) 1.8507**
miR5266 −1.5614939** clementine0.9_008179m|PACid:19257317 AT4G13510.1 Ammonium transporter 1;1 1.3396*
miR5562 −1.67229975** clementine0.9_008349m|PACid:19251662 AT2G38290.1 Ammonium transporter 2 0.4023**
miR3465 −3.3743459** clementine0.9_001178m|PACid:19280124 AT3G57330.1 Autoinhibited Ca 2+ -ATPase 11 1.5827**
  1. Both fold change of miRNAs and relative change of target genes are the ratio of B-deficient roots to the controls. The value for relative change of target gene is an average of at least three biological replicates with three technical replicates; Target genes that had the expected changes in mRNA levels were marked in bold. ND: Not detected; *and **indicate a significant difference at P < 0.05 and P < 0.01, respectively.